Bar Owner & Marketing Expert Disrupts The  Industry By Guaranteeing You A 1,000% ROI On Your Advertising Dollars Or You Don't Pay & You Pay Nothing Upfront!

To: Bar & Restaurant Owners,

Imagine your local ad rep telling you that you could run all the advertising that you wanted with them but you didn't have to pay for their service or the ads if they didn't provide at minimum, a 1,000% ROI.


Invest $300 in ads and be guaranteed at minimum $3,300 back in sales. 

If you were guaranteed those numbers, how many times would you invest $300 into advertising with them? As many times as you could right? 

Better yet, what if they didn't even ask you for any money up front to run these ads for you and ONLY asked to get paid AFTER they got you those results while also providing you with a simple way to track every dollar that comes in from these ads?

I know this sounds way too good to be true and could never happen, but IT IS finally happening and it's giving bar and restaurant owners like yourself a MAJOR advantage over their competition by giving them a totally risk free way to increase sales and customers.

Disrupting The Industry During Crisis

Right now bar and restaurant owners are getting crushed by...

Food costs skyrocketing.

Limited seating.

Some who scared to dine out due to the "fear" the media puts into their minds from catching covid. 

And because of all this, it puts fear into bar and restaurant owners to spend money on new promotions and advertising to start building their business back up. 

Well it's my goal to help owners make more money and eliminate their fear of "What if it doesn't work, what if I waste my money?" by providing them with my proven promotions to increase their sales and not charge them anything upfront, until after I bring them the promised result of 1,000% ROI on their ad spend! 

Meet Diana

I want to tell you how Diana, the owner of Hurricane Grill & Wings in Apopka, Florida, not only fought back against the covid crisis, but found a way to win against the odds! ...She’s not just surviving now, her business is thriving!

I’d like to tell you how she did it. Before I do....

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Nick Fosberg, I own a few bars about 60 miles west of Chicago. I've been in this business since the day I was born. Over the last 8+ years I’ve also been helping other bar/restaurant owners across the country out-beat their competition with a few simple little tweaks to their marketing/promotions.

These “little tweaks” created some of the highest grossing promotions in the industry for solo operators, using limited ad budgets - they’ve even been written about in industry trade mags!

And because of these success stories, I’ve been invited by industry powerhouses like Jon Taffer, NRA, Nightclub & Bar, and many other organizations, to come speak to their audiences about these unique strategies.

Nick Fosberg - Bar Owner, Author, Speaker, & Industry Business Growth Expert

How I Helped Diana

So now that you know a little bit about me, let me tell you exactly what I did for Diana. And, more importantly, how YOU can replicate it in your business!

It’s the same strategy I’ve been using with massive success for almost a decade, and this unique “All Weather Strategy” has been just as effective right now as it was before the crisis hit!

In Diana’s case our overall goal was to increase sales and attract new customers. Nothing new there. But this time we were on the clock! We had to do this in weeks… not months. She needed fast results - like most of the rest of us do right now!


I’ve found that the fastest way to get new and existing customers to flood us with orders is to come up with a REALLY great offer.

Simply put, we need to deliver an amazing value to get them​ to pick up the phone and order curbside or walk in your doors.

But, we need to do it in such a way that it doesn’t dilute your brand! And, obviously, we still need to make a nice profit.

So the first thing we did was we come up with an offer and a marketing message that would do just that. But we also needed to get people to take action on it fast!

So we set up a $10 a day Facebook campaign, targeting the best potential customers for her business. The ad would grab their attention, tell them about the offer, and then direct them to a web page to sign up for it. Then our automated system would send them the offer by e-mail with an expiration period of 10 days.

PROOF - Part 1: Here you can see her Facebook account.

Over 30 Days we got 1,591 sign ups. It cost us .19 cents per sign up. We spent $294 total.

PROOF - Part 2: And here are the total sales.

364 redemptions with a total of $9,436 in sales from this one promotion and $294 spent on ads. (Note: We had a slight issue with confirmed email tracking, but what matters is ad spend vs. sales.)

That’s a total ROI of 3,109%!

How much better would you sleep at night, knowing you had a simple strategy that brings you even a 500% ROI just about every time you used it?

In other words, if you put this one in the machine:

This one comes out:

What would that do for your peace of mind to have that kind of certainty? And what would it do for your business’s bottom line?

It would take ALL the uncertainty out of very uncertain times…

And it would replace it with the ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE that you had a system in place to generate a steady stream of customers like clockwork!

Unfortunately, few bar/restaurant owners can get even a 100% ROI on their ads. But it’s not their fault. They are busy working in their business, doing what they do best. They don’t have time to spend hours learning an extremely complex marketing platform.

I’m about to tell you why I’m sharing this info with you...

But first listen to what Diana had to say after our first month of working together

"When the coronavirus hit, we were scared. We had to change our entire business model to just doing curbside and delivery. 
I found one of Nick's videos online and reached out to him. After talking with him, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical as I didn't think during a crisis he or anyone could get me results. All his case studies were prior to the coronavirus.
But I felt I had nothing to lose at this point so went ahead. In the first 30 days working with Nick he spent $294 on Facebook ads and it brought in exactly $9,346 in sales.
Best part is, Nick handled everything in a super organized professional way. All we had to do was keep answering the phone and bring food out to my customers. This was probably the best promotion I've ran, even before this crisis hit, and with his wealth of knowledge and how super responsive he is to all our questions, we plan to continue moving forward with him for a long time!"

Diana // Owner Hurricane Grill & Wings

Why This Message Is Important To You...

Right now we are living in scary times. We are scared to spend the money it takes to bring customers in, because of uncertainty. But we do need more customers now than ever before, agree?

Even the slightest advantage can help us get through the crisis and operate with absolute certainty that we will not only survive, but thrive, just like Diana did.

I want to run this exact same promotion for you! Better yet, I want to do this in such a way where there is zero financial risk to you. For this to work the way it did for Diana, this has to be an area exclusive opportunity, meaning I won’t work with your competition either.

So here’s the deal. I will do all the work for you. I’ll get your phone ringing off the hook with takeout orders (or people walking in your doors for dine in). All I ask in return considering I provide you with a minimum of a 1,000% ROI is that I can use your success story in my marketing and press releases to industry news outlets.

This Isn't For Everyone Though.
Here's Who I Can Help

I can only help bar & restaurant owners who live in an area of at least 20,000 people in the United States, has a good reputation on Facebook, has a full menu to offer, and is ready to have one of the biggest advantages they could ever have over their competition.

If this sounds like you, then we should discuss further.

I Will 10x Your Advertising ROI.... Or It's FREE! 
(Plus Pay Me NOTHING Upfront)

To take 100% of the financial risk off you and put it on me, I’m going to guarantee you at minimum, a 1,000% ROI. Meaning you spend $10 a day on ads, $300 for the month, you get back a minimum of $3,300 in sales directly from this promotion over 30 days.

Most likely you’ll make much more, but I need to be conservative here. Before the crisis, my average in added sales for most clients was between $6,000-$7,000 in the first 30 days and we'd run this for many months into the future.


No Upfront Cost Guarantee

I Won't Ask For Anything Upfront....

To make this even better for you, I won’t ask for a single penny up front from you. After a few weeks into the promotion we will look at your numbers and you’ll decide if you want to pay me for my time and labor to set up this promotion for you. 

Basically what I’m telling you is that in these crazy times where every dollar counts, I will loan you the money for my team’s labor and then earn my keep BEFORE I ask for a single penny. 

Ask your local ad reps or “social media” experts if they work this way.

Want to know why they can’t put their money where their mouth is like I do? ...Because they don't have a proven strategy that works almost every time. (In 8 years I've only had to work for free 4 times due to lack of results  -and that's with over 500 owners across the US alone.)

Ready for a To Have The Greatest Advantage You Can Have Over Your Competition?
Then let’s get started!

Click the button below to send me some general info about your bar / restaurant. We will then jump on a quick 15 minute call to answer any questions and go into more details about this promotion and how it works.

If for some reason we don’t find a fit, I’ll still send you a copy of my book “How To Attract New Customers, Turn Them Into Raving Fans, & Become Unbeatable In Any Market” as a gift to say “Thank You” for your time.

REMINDER: First Come, First Served

Due to time, I can only take 10 new clients every month. Remember, I still operate 2 of my own locations and I've got 2 kids and wife to please. I've got a small team of 5. I'm not a BIG agency and don't  want to be. I enjoy the personal relationship with each person I work with vs trying to work with the masses.

With that said, if you're serious about making more money, attracting new customers with little work, and having one of the greatest advantages you could ever have over your competition, take action now and book a call below.

You don’t have to commit today, but if we speak first, your spot is locked in! Click the button below to get started. And all we need is 15 minutes. If we work together, I’ll do all the work and take on all the financial risk.

Nick Fosberg

President Bar & Restaurant Success

P.S. ....

I’ve found that I work best with highly motivated bar and restaurant owners like myself. So I intend to work with owners that make a decision and act fast. ​If you need to "think" about be guaranteed more sales / new customers, we're NOT going to be good fit for each other.

So if you want the chance to put an end to the uncertainty you are feeling, and just let me generate customers like clockwork for you, touch base ASAP!